Documenting WineTest best practices

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Wed Aug 24 06:15:03 CDT 2011

I have done a major refresh of the Wiki's conformance tests page.

One aspect I would like to document there is the best practices mostly 
for people running WineTest unattended on their computer. For instance I 
recently learned that one should really make sure that ntlm_auth works 
otherwise there will be failures.

There are other things for which I don't have the answer however. In 

 * On Windows XP the firewall will ask whether to block network access 
   to some tests. How should this be dealt with. Since WineTest is being 
   run unattended clicking 'ok' does not work.

 * Similarly on Vista and Windows 7 UAC comes into play. I believe it 
   mostly causes some tests to be skipped. So again, are there 
   recommandations around this?

 * Are we interested in tests being run as an administrator or a regular 
   user? Both?

I also came across the MakeTestFailures page and it seems pretty out of 
date. Is maintaining a list of failing tests (still) really useful?

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