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Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Aug 24 15:44:07 CDT 2011

fyi, Bradley writes the following missive, which I am just relaying:


TL;DR Version:

   *Now* is the time for all your org-admins to be in touch with
   Conservancy.  Please make sure that org-admins (a) read everything
   below, (b) get in touch with me right away, and (c) talk to me
   directly before doing things regarding POs and other funds with

Full Version:

This year, there are seven Conservancy projects in the SoC:

I hope you all have had an excellent summer mentoring your students and
all has gone well.  Upon the seen ding of Carol's email that I quoted in
part below, we've reached the moment in the SoC process where
Conservancy gets involved.  Namely, when invoices to Google need to
happen RSN.

I don't actually have on file the email addresses of all your org-admins
in the SoC this year.  So, this email may not be relevant to everyone
receiving it.  However, if you could email me back each and tell me who
your org-admin is, I'd much appreciate it, and I'll redirect this email
to that person.

I want to make you aware of three important things:

(a) If some of you are going to the Mentor Summit, and are having
    trouble prepaying for your flights due to lack of personal funds:

   Carol Smith wrote on the 25th of July:
   > All orgs pay for plane tickets ahead of time and then request
   > reimbursement via invoice against the PO once you have receipts for
   > the flights.

   Then let me know and I'll see if Conservancy can help by prepaying
   for you, pending the reimbursement from Google.

(b) I should have emailed you sooner, but I want to remind you that
    we'll do an omnibus PO with Google for all mentor payments and all
    travel reimbursements.  I'd appreciate if the org-admins could get
    in touch with me right away so we can begin coordinating this.
    Please keep me in the loop on anything you do with regard to PO
    details with Google and the like.  I'm also in touch with Carol
    Smith at Google in parallel to this thread, to make sure we're all

    In particular, get me travel receipts as early as possible for all
    those going to the Mentor Summit.

(c) Oh, and I *really* encourage you all to take advantage of the mentor
    summit invitation.  Flight/hotel is funded by Google, and it'll be a
    great chance for us to meet up as Conservancy projects.  I'll be
    there as well, so I look forward to seeing you there!

-- Bradley M. Kuhn, Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy




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