Testing edge cases and undocumented behavior

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Thu Aug 25 19:35:07 CDT 2011

There was a bit of a philosophical discussion on #winehackers about the
merits of creating tests for functions that might be testing undefined
or unimportant behavior.  Windows behaves one way, we behave another,
the tests measure this delta, but it's unknown if this will actually
improve a real world application.

There's always regression potential with any code change, however on
balance adding more (fixed) tests should on average reduce that risk.

Are the tests themselves evidence that a change is needed?  More
broadly, should we resist any change without a particular (real-world)
application in hand that needs it?

Or should we err on the side of testable behavior, because somewhere out
there a Windows developer may have written an app the same way the test
author did?

Scott Ritchie

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