Cmd tests timeout and splitting tests

Octavian Voicu octavian.voicu at
Sat Aug 27 18:24:59 CDT 2011


I've noticed a lot of timeouts for cmd tests lately, which is not so
surprising with all the new incoming tests.

I think test_builtins.cmd should be split in a few files, which would
then be run separately. An added benefit is that it would permit
putting tests that affect other tests in separate files.

In order to fix the timeout problem it's not enough to split the tests
in different files. Each file has to be run on its own from winetest.

I see following solutions:

1) Hack winetest and increase timeout just for cmd.exe batch tests.

2) Allow individual tests to receive a parameter.

Downside is that make_ctests needs to be changed a bit (to recognize
filenames given as "test.c:param"), and a manual rule for running
MAKECTESTS needs to be added to the Makefile of those tests, which
would list all the tests + values for the params.

3) Add a new source file for each .cmd file.

All the batch running meat would still be in batch.c, with main test
function non-static. A header file with prototypes and a macro for
defining a test would be included in subsequent tests.

I would go for number 3, I think it's the cleanest solution (although
it would add a few more source files). Any comments on that?


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