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Wed Aug 31 17:53:15 CDT 2011

On Sunday 28 August 2011 17:52:21 Dan Kegel wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 2:16 AM, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> 
> > Is it possible to set up a slave that e.g. runs only the d3d tests? I
> > have some older machines with older GPUs that are still worth
> > covering(Radeon X1600, Geforce 7, maybe even the Radeon 9000 mobility),
> > but I am not sure if the machines as a whole are powerful enough to run
> > all the tests. I think there isn't really a need to run the mostly
> > platform independent tests like msi and shell32 everywhere.
> Yes, I can set up a builder type that only triggers on d3d-related changes
> and only runs d3d tests.
I got the r200 machine updated to a point where I could run buildbot, but I 
realized that the days when this GPU/driver passed the tests are long gone. A 
few of those failures are low hanging fruits, at least as far writing bug 
reports is concerned, but others need more debugging.

The kinds of failures(vertex shaders are completely broken, for example) make 
me doubt that we have more than a handful of users using this sort of 
hardware, otherwise we'd have more bug reports about them.

On the other hand I think having a hardware with "strange" limits in the 
testbot system can help to avoid getting bad assumptions about those limits 
into the code, so I'll spend a day or two trying to isolate the issues and at 
least file bug reports for Mesa and Wine, and actually running the buildbot to 
see if this ancient machine can at least keep up with the d3d and d3dx 
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