mshtml: Don't use WINAPI for assembly functions to avoid linker warnings on mingw

Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed Dec 7 03:57:33 CST 2011

On 12/07/11 09:01, Francois Gouget wrote:
>> #ifdef __i386__
>> #define DEFINE_WRAPPER_FUNC(n, off, x)          \
>>      HRESULT wrapper_func_##n(IUnknown*); \
> [...]
>> #elif defined(__x86_64__)
>> #define DEFINE_WRAPPER_FUNC(n, x, off)          \
>>      HRESULT WINAPI wrapper_func_##n(IUnknown*); \
> [...]
>> #else
>> #define DEFINE_WRAPPER_FUNC(n, x, off)                           \
>>      static HRESULT WINAPI wrapper_func_##n(IUnknown *iface) {    \
> [...]
> Is it normal that these functions are still marked as WINAPI in the
> 64bit and other platform cases?

Well, it doesn't really matter since these functions are implemented in 
assembly and they are actually a trick for calling functions we don't 
know anything about (current implementation will work correctly for any 
cdecl and stdcall functions on 32-bit and any standard MS ABI function 
on 64-bit), so we can't have the right declaration anyways. On 32-bits, 
declaring them as stdcall causes GCC to mangle names with argument count 
when referenced in vtbls, which caused linker warnings (in old GCCs it 
would probably be even errors). I kept WINAPI for 64-bit variant just to 
declare MS ABI, but, since the declaration doesn't really matter, it's 
just a cosmetic thing. For other platforms it matters even less - if we 
reach these calls, we should expect problems anyway.

> Also, is there a reason not to mark these functions as static in the
> Intel cases? Because they are coded in assembly?

Well, talking about C declaration, it causes warnings like these here:

ifacewrap.c:215:1: warning: 'wrapper_func_99' used but never defined

That's because GCC has no way to know that it's defined in assembly. 
Then, again, marking them as static in C declarations won't make them 
true statics functions anyway.


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