RFC: Adding Mac support to secur32/schannel.c

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 11:38:51 CST 2011

>> I don't see how this
>> helps CodeWeavers, either, other than reducing installation
>> complexity.
> Well, Outlook didn't used to be able to connect to Gmail IMAP in our Mac product and now it does.

As I said, this only reduces installation complexity:  I assume that,
had you installed GnuTLS, it would have as well.  If not, then there's
a bug in the GnuTLS implementation.

> Everybody, whether volunteer or commercial, devotes development time to Wine to "scratch their itch", however they define that.  For us, it's largely to meet customer needs.  This work did that.  The work you describe doesn't, particularly.  It may, someday.  It is quite a bit more likely to now because our Mac product has schannel support, so it will get exercised by many more of our customers, and they'll find the problems with it.  (Or, if few real-world applications encounter limitations with schannel as it stands, then schannel is de facto fine as-is.)

That's fine.  You asked for feedback on your general approach, and
described it as a proof of concept.  I gave you feedback on it as
such.  If you wish to treat it as a fait accompli, then I'm not the
one who can give input anyway:  only Alexandre is.

In any event, I've said my piece:  I don't like this approach, and I
think there are better ones.  I'll repeat it just so it's in one
place:  I think tests would be the most valuable improvement to
schannel.  If a Mac friendlier implementation is desired, I'll note
that OpenSSL may work as well on the Mac, with the added advantage
that it's also available on Linux(*), and is also already a
requirement for wininet and winhttp on all platforms.

(*) Damjan raised an objection to OpenSSL, which I'll address separately.


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