[PATCH 2/5] winex11.drv: Complain a bit about missing s3tc support.

Tobias Jakobi liquid.acid at gmx.net
Thu Feb 3 03:18:16 CST 2011

> I'm not entirely sure on how to do this properly. Making it an ERR
> would be too loud for applications that never use s3tc textures, as a
> WARN it's never going to be seen unless you look at the debug channel.
> Printing a message in wined3d in CreateSurface() would probably work,
> but the resulting check would end up being pretty ugly because we'd
> have to check 5 different formats. You can't do much more than a WARN
> for a generic check either, because some formats may be legitimately
> missing / unimplemented. Note that the situation with floating point
> formats isn't much better.
I'd say go with a WARN then. At least we've something then. The current 
situation is just not acceptable, since a lot of games ship 
precompressed textures in DDS format and just expect them to work. If 
this works for native D3D impl then it should work here too. Or at least 
we should warn the user that something might go wrong.

Maybe we should also add some entry to the wiki ('Setting up open-source 
drivers for wine') and mention the current issues (s3tc support in 
general, complete lack of s3tc support in r600g, etc.)


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