Including winegcc-built shared library in Debian binary package

Robert McDonald rmcdonald at
Fri Feb 4 17:45:34 CST 2011

I've got a Debian binary package configured.  A wrapper script is 
installed in /usr/bin that invokes wine on the winegcc-built shared 
library that implements the program.  The shared library is installed in 
/usr/lib and then ldconfig is run during the installation process.

The shared library build product seems to be a special case because it 
is built by winegcc and referenced on the wine command line when run. 
I've got questions about this even though the product works OK as packaged.

Is there a more appropriate installation directory than /usr/lib for the 
shared library (although lintian complains if I don't put it in /usr/lib)?

Does ldconfig need to be run after installing/uninstalling the shared 
library (other than to satisfy lintian complaints if ldconfig isn't run 
from postinst/postrm)?

Is there any reason to bother with version numbering the shared library 
(other than using one version number for all library releases just to 
keep lintian happy by having the version number) since the library is 
prepared by winegcc and will only be loaded by wine?

To look for answers, I've done the following:

* searched the web
* searched the WineHQ web site and read the FAQ there
* scanned the subject lines of a couple of months of this mailing list
* read
* used for some 
packaging instructions
* read 
for general instructions in setting up a Debian binary package
* read for recommendations on locating files

URLs to relevant resources would be welcome.

Robert McDonald
BitTorrent, Inc.

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