Wine API documentation questions.

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Sat Feb 5 00:07:50 CST 2011

I've been going through the Wine API documentation and there seem to be 
some things that I think should be changed:

- There are references to Wine documents that do not include links to
   the pages. The links should be included.

- Some 'implementation' sections claim that the API is not declared but
   there are declarations, just not in headers that 'c2man' is looking
   at.  It should also look in any sub-directories (except for 'tests')
   of the '-I' directories it is told about for additional headers.  (I
   have very little skill with Perl at present, so someone else might be
   able to add this much faster than I will be able to do it.)

- There are quite a few APIs implemented but without standard
   documentation.  All accessible APIs should have enough documentation
   so that there is a page for it, even if it is only a synopsis.

- Mangled interface names only appear in their mangled form.  The
   documentation should include the demangled name as well.  Should the
   demangled names also appear in the indexes?

- The 'synopsis' does not include needed '#include' directives.  This
   may need to be fixed in each API description rather than trying to
   get 'c2man' to generate it.

- The name of the file containing the implementation is included in
   each 'implementation' section and includes a link to the appropriate
   repository source entry.  The name of the appropriate header is also
   included, but does not include a link.  A link should be included.


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