iphlpapi: Changed return value of NotifyAddrChange() stub and added test cases.

Janne Hakonen joyer83 at live.fi
Mon Feb 7 15:24:44 CST 2011

> in todo_wine blocks only ok() calls should be made.
> So consider splitting them down to "todo_wine ok(..." for each.

Ah thank you, I will change them.

> > -CancelIPChangeNotify
> >  CreateProxyArpEntry
> >  DeleteIPAddress
> >  DeleteProxyArpEntry
> >  EnableRouter
> >  FlushIpNetTable
> >  GetAdapterIndex
> > -NotifyAddrChange
> > -NotifyRouteChange
> > +NotifyRouteChange + CancelIPChangeNotify
> this change regarding CancelIPChangeNotify is also not needed.

CancelIPChangeNotify is used when testing NotifyAddrChange. It cancels the overlapped notify call. 
The function can be used also to cancel NotifyRouteChange calls.

I changed it like that so that when NotifyRouteChange is also implemented the cancelling is also tested with that one.
If I would have left CancelIPChangeNotify in the list like it was, then someone might wonder why it is still in the list even though it used in the tests with NotifyAddrChange.

Best Regards, 
Janne Hakonen
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