Wine and Summer of Code 2011

Jacek Caban jacek at
Sun Feb 13 13:24:40 CST 2011

On 2/8/11 7:04 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:
> And can y'all think of any fresh ideas for the suggested projects list

How about implementing wscript builtin script API?

> or ideas that should be retired?

- Wine IE GUI
Its easy parts are mostly already implemented in hacky way. Further work 
requires improving underlying libraries, which probably is not something 
for GSoC.

- Improving HTML Help viewer
Its GUI is mostly implemented. APIs to control it are mostly stub, but I 
don't think it's a good GSoC project. It requires at least rewriting 

- Implementing CHM compiler
It looks like time would be better spent improving chmc.


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