USB Device Support

Mike Yates mike at
Thu Feb 17 14:34:26 CST 2011

I (and a lot of contributors to the Nokia forums) would like to use the
Nokia PC Suite in Wine.
The current status in the AppDB of Nokia PC Suite
v7.x.x.x is "Garbage" because, although installation and all the other
functions now (wine v1.2.2) work just fine, it is totally useless
without its "Connect a Phone" function.
I have written in AppDB:-

by Dave <> on
Sunday September 12th 2010, 3:34
> Running Wine 1.2 (latest version on ubuntu repository), trying to
> install nokia pc suite I get past the license agreement (all
> icons are black though, but it's not hard to guess which one is
> "NEXT") and choosing which directory to install to (accept the
> default). But then it quits and I get a window that says,
> ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE. According to your website this has been tested
> and should install, so what's wrong?

Using latest Ubuntu-10.10 wine the installation is all visible.
No connectivity, but there IS kernel support.
Still investigating - will report more later...

The kernel connects to my Nokia 6300 by USB as /dev/ttyACM0
I have used this with with wvdial (and other apps) to use the 6300 as an
Edge modem and also with kmobile-tools to sync contacts.
Surely there is a way of linking /dev/ttyACM0 into wine as a raw USB or
serial port?
Anyone know how?

Mike Yates                   Cowley  Middlesex England


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