new winetricks-alpha 20110218-alpha: new verbs office2007pro, sketchup, starcraft2_demo, wowtrial, 14 others; new option --isolate-games

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Feb 18 14:01:10 CST 2011

Another month, another winetricks-alpha.

winetricks-alpha version 20110218 adds the following new verbs:
  atmosphir deusex2_demo dsoundhw=emulation eve fable_tlc
  fifa11_demo hegemony_demo hon imvu kotor1
  kotor2 lhp_demo mb_warband_demo office2003pro office2007pro
  sketchup starcraft2_demo videomemorysize wowtrial
and four new options:
  --gui            Force gui progress indications even when run from commandline
  --isolate-games  Puts games in their own sandboxed wineprefix.  Experimental.
  --noclean        Leave temp files when verbs done.  Useful when debugging.
  --showbroken     Gui normally hides apps known not to work with
current wine.  This shows them anyway.
and one new feature:
  Commands are now logged to $WINEPREFIX/winetricks.log so user has a
record of what he did to the bottle
and updates a number of download URLs, most notably mxsml3.

The script can be downloaded from at the obvious url:
(The old download url at still works, too.)

Bug tracker and svn repository are at

Phil Blankenship:
deusex2_demo: ported.
eve: ported.
kotor1, kotor2: new verbs
lhp_demo: ported.
mb_warband_demo: ported.

Scott Jackson:
icodecs: support -q.
wowtrial: ported, updated.

Dan Kegel:
atmosphir: new verb
fable_tlc: ported, updated
fifa11_demo: ported.  Patch by Scott and me.
dsoundhw=emulation: new verb
hon: ported and updated verb
imvu: ported & updated
starcraft2_demo: new verb.  (Also die slightly earlier if a verb fails.)
videomemorysize: ported verb.

3dmark06: mark as broken because of winehq bug 9210
3dmark2001: observed a hang, so added a few delays, that usually helps
Obey W_CACHE even on mac.  Pick good WINETRICKS_POST even if
WINETRICKS_DIR is not set.
Replaced tabs with spaces.  There should be no tabs in this file.
alldlls: fixed verb, it wasn't getting invoked properly
aoe_trial: didn't have any delays after WinWait, and hung on a recent
run.  Add missing delays.
atmosphir: fix media type, bug found by Scott Jackson
bfbc2: add little delay at point of an observed hang
bfbc2: added missing delays, since it hung once today
bug 21517 was fixed in wine-1.3.8, so don't apply it with new enough wine
bugfix: Abort if install check fails after install
bugfix: Don't crash immediately if WINEPREFIX is set but does not exist
bugfix: Don't reference undefined variable programfilesdrive
bugfix: Don't unset DISPLAY in early_wine, it breaks later runs of autohotkey.
bugfix: Fixed typo in w_override_app_dlls
bugfix: Use %windir%\Temp rather than %windir%\_temp, since on Windows
7, there were mysterious permission problems installing vc2005express
with the nonstandard _temp directory.
bugfix: User complained that w_die wasn't fatal.  Sure enough, need to
check subshell exit status explicitly.
bugfix: When unmounting, also eject.  This should help multidisc titles.
bugfix: add parameter checking on w_override_dlls to catch a common thinko
bugfix: w_read_key: also strip spaces from key
bugfix: w_read_key: some systems don't like [ -], so try posix syntax
cod1: typo: KEY should be W_KEY
deadspace2: added draft verb.
deadspace2: mark as broken (and fix install check)
dxdiag: also install help file
early_wine: don't disable mshtml, it breaks later autodownload of
gecko.  See winezeug bug 223.
firefox4: die rather than warn if trying to install with too old a wine
firefox4: update url
flash: updated, fixes winezeug 228.
fontfix: can't claim it has an installed file unless it always
installs it.  Also, fixed a typo that caused anything without an
installed_file1 fail if used from inside a verb that does.
gameux=disabled was broken; fixed.  Support generic
gothic4_demo: ported from wisotool, marked as broken
kotor2: shorten name to make it fit in dialog
mono28: fix list-installed and list-cached
mono28: updated to mono-2.8.2
msxml3: microsoft download page vanished, so use cnet.
ole2: removed, since it seems broken, and I don't know how useful it is.
opensymbol: updated url and sha1sum
psdkwin7: fix fixme, don't muck with registry on windows
shockwave: updated sha1sum
sims3: fix non-q mode
vc2005trial: fix regression caused by recent change that created both
Temp and temp.  vc2005trial still broken, but at least it gets further
vc2005trial: marked as broken
w_declare_exe: allow declaring more than one executable per verb
w_download_torrent no longer needs pkg argument, following example of
other download functions.
w_override_app_dlls: accept b as synonym for builtin, etc.
w_override_dlls: don't suggest w_call
w_workaround_wine_bug: 2nd argument implemented, with nicer range
syntax, e.g. 1.3.8, means 'works in wine-1.3.8 and later'
wowtrial: use color of progress bar to detect completion.  Also wait a
bit longer for server detection.

Shannon Vanwagner:
dmsynth: fix install check
hegemony_demo: ported
office2003pro, office2007pro: new verbs
sketchup: new verb

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