USB Device Support - Nokia PC Suite

Mike Yates eniw at
Fri Feb 18 09:39:35 CST 2011

Stefan D?singer wrote:-
> ln -s /dev/ttyACM0 "~/.wine/dosdevices/com0:" or something like that. It may be "COM0:" or "com0" without the :.
> Then ttyACM0 is available as COM 0, but it is a classic serial port. If the app is looking for a usb to serial device
> with a specific USB vendor and device ID it won't find the port.

Thanks Stefan, that's a good start.
The "Click here to connect a phone" still induces a wine crash but
takes longer thinking about it.
The "Settings/Manage Connections" now doesn't crash now but brings up
an empty list of connections to choose from.
Unfortunately these are both too separated from a console launch to
capture any "fixme" lines, I only get this one from the main program:-

mike at myvmubuntu:~$ wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Nokia/Nokia\ PC\
Suite\ 7/PCSuite.exe
fixme:userenv:GetUserProfileDirectoryW 0xfc (nil) 0x32f43c
mike at myvmubuntu:~$

I'll try different COM ports and let you know...

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