new winetricks-alpha 20110219-alpha: added wineprefix selection screen

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Feb 19 00:48:22 CST 2011

Another day, another winetricks-alpha.  (Well, it *is* alpha.)

winetricks-alpha version 20110219's gui now starts with a wineprefix
selection dialog.
If you just click OK, it uses the default wineprefix.
When using the gui, games can only be installed into their own
sandboxed prefix.
This keeps them from bumping into each other and making them spill
their coffee, or worse.
(This feature may seem odd, but it's how PlayOnLinux works,
and it was specifically requested by Vitaliy Margolen in )
It now has an option to delete the selected wineprefix, and if
you do, it also deletes any xdg desktop menuitems that refer to it.

Comments welcome.  There are some quirks left to work out with the new
gui behavior, so caveat downloador.

Download url:

svn repository / bug tracker:


Dan Kegel:
In pickprefix menu, sense dosdevices rather than user.reg; makes new
wineprefixes show up immediately
Deleting a wineprefix also deletes its menu items.
Make default wineprefix the, um, default in pickprefix.  Games are
reachable only via pickprefix menu now.
Experimental gui change: outer dialog is now prefix selection.  Needs
polish and testing still.
algodoo_demo: wait for installer to finish in non-silent case
Remove dead code for run and uninstall modes/menus.

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