GSOC idea to implement the explorer

Andrew Green greeniekin at
Sun Feb 20 06:05:01 CST 2011

I was just looking at the Google summer of code(GSOC) ideas and
noticed "implement the explorer". This grabbed my attention as I have
recently been working on a windows xp explorer clone.
Also it mentions a reference to ReactOS explorer written in c++. Well
there is a second explorer which is planned to be more true to the xp
implementation and written in c. Currently it's called explorer new as
it is not yet complete and is just a shell.
I was wondering if it was possible to share this code. As it would
probably be beneficial in the long term.
It already has support for shell extensions. When running under
windows I can add any extension such as Quick launch, language bar and
so on.
Here is a pic of my working copy(trunk doesn't have this theming yet.
Though I should finish it soon)

This is just an idea. I know it's very incomplete. Though it is showing promise.

Here is a link to the  "GSOC implement the explorer" page I mentioned

Any comments and ideas are much appreciated.

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