server: Fix compilation on systems with a two-argument sched_setaffinity prototype.

Andrew Nguyen anguyen at
Mon Feb 21 05:28:04 CST 2011

On 02/21/2011 04:43 AM, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> Hello Andrew!
> Andrew Nguyen wrote:
>> This lets Wine compile successfully on CentOS 3.
> CentOS 3? Alexandre was bitching about RHEL 5 being "prediluvian" ...
> RHEL 3 has a 2.4.21 based kernel, is over 7 years old and EOL. I'm not
> sure it is worth spending the effort to make current Wine compile and
> run on such an old system.
> bye
> 	michael

The fact that CentOS 3 has a Linux 2.4 kernel is precisely why I tried
compiling Wine on the system.

My motivation was to determine the reason that the reporter of bug 26088
( felt the need to compile
Wine configured with --without-pthread, which doesn't seem to be
something anyone should be doing. CentOS 3 seemed to be a natural
candidate for testing, although later developments revealed that the
reporter's system of concern was actually Debian Sarge.

Given that there are apparently a non-zero number of users wanting to
compile and run at least stable Wine on antique platforms, a few patches
to accommodate such users doesn't seem to be too much trouble. The
sched_setaffinity compile error was the only real blocker for
compilation on CentOS 3, and after fixing it, I was able to at least
successfully launch winecfg.

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