New winetricks-alpha 20110222-alpha: new verbs d3dx11_43, dragonage2_demo, regedit, shell, taskmgr, winecfg

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Feb 23 01:24:34 CST 2011

Right, it's only been a couple days, but here's a new winetricks already.

This release adds dragonage2_demo (released earlier today -- hey,
we're starting to keep up!)
as well as the handy verbs d3dx11_43, regedit, shell, taskmgr, and
winecfg, and a few bugfixes.

Download url:

svn repository / bug tracker:

Changes since 20110219b-alpha:

Dan Kegel:
Added Status column to gui, containing 'cached' if game installer is cached.
bioshock_demo: add mwo=force for bug 6971
cnc3_demo: fixed install check
d3dx11_43: new verb
dragonage2_demo: new verb
Display install size and time for (some) games.
Fix 'winetricks-alpha list'.  Thanks to doh123 for pointing out the problem.
Pre-check checkboxes for things that are already installed.  (winezeug bug 128)
regedit: new verb
shell: new verb (handy for debugging)
taskmgr: new verb
tmnationsforever: mention portaudio workaround for choppiness
winecfg: new verb

Changes since 20110219-alpha:

hko: removed, since they no longer offer the torrent download.
utorrent: updated to 2.2.1beta.
hegemony_demo: update sha1sum
gecko is no longer a real verb, so remove media type.  Fixes one
reported failure in test suite.
dc2ba_demo: updated sha1sum
d3dxof: fix location of downloaded file
msls31: fix typo that broke downloading with clean cache.  Fixes ie6.
Also mention where files are being downloaded to in console.

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