kernel32/tests: remove win9x hacks

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Wed Feb 23 20:23:07 CST 2011

On 2/23/11 2:38 AM, Austin English wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 01:32, Paul Vriens< at>  wrote:
>> On 02/23/2011 10:15 AM, Austin English wrote:
>>>       SetLastError(0xdeadbeef);
>>>       ret = GetFullPathNameW(NULL, 0, NULL, NULL);
>> I think you can get rid of the above two as well as they are merely used to
>>> -    is_win9x = !ret&&    GetLastError() == ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED;
>>> -
>>> -    if (is_win9x)
>>> -        win_skip("Skipping some tests that cause GetFullPathNameA to
>>> crash on Win9x\n");
> Good catch, will resend, thanks.

I thought the consensus was to leave the is_win9x hacks in place so that 
folks will not break Windows98 when testing.   However, there are going 
to be no new tests for Windows9x/ME and that all tests were to assume 
that we have or are using WindowsNT4 or higher.

Did I miss something while I was away collecting my thoughts?

James McKenzie

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