Please help me with document extraction.

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Sun Feb 27 13:37:01 CST 2011

As my previous efforts have probably informed you, I am interested in
documentation. My initial efforts were _not_ on target and had missed
the existing '' tool. I am in the process of correcting my
failure on that.

I've picked up Perl in the last couple weeks. An interesting language
with lots of adopted features. It's been easy to learn, so I think I
will _not_ need help with the language itself, but I will listen to any

The code is extensive and sparsely commented. In order to
understand what it does, I've made a transcription of it with a more
compact style and lots more comments. I check the rewrite against the
source code so there should not be any serious errors. There are also a
number of what I believe to be defects in the original and places where
my comments may be inappropriate or my style may be very objectionable.
_This_ is what I need help with.

Would someone be willing to review my rewrite? If so, send me e-mail so
I can arrange to get a copy of it to you.

P.S. to AJ et al.

There is a _lot_ of documentation embedded in the wine code, but it is
hard to find at the moment. I'd like to see it indexed and this is the
program that does the extraction and indexing. Advice on making this
new version available and active are in order.


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