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Thu Feb 24 14:23:06 CST 2011

propagating to Ubuntu).  I believe the motivations are mostly ease of
management of the build daemons -- only by doing this, for instance, can
an entire architecture be properly isolated and self-contained.

This means for bi-arch Wine, we will need to either:
 - Make Wine support building in pure 64-bit mode and then calling the
32-bit subsystem from a separate binary
 - Make a very persuasive case that Wine isn't the only package that
needs to have multiple architectures at build time

Hopefully I'm overestimating the amount of work involved, as this sort
of architecture modularity might be a "nice to have" in Wine anyway.

If none of this is doable by next release, we'll just have a 32-bit only
Wine, which isn't really any worse than the situation now.

-Scott Ritchie

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