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Thu Feb 24 14:23:06 CST 2011

SuspendThread with a HANDLE maybe to itself. #28 isn't suspended though
and the only other thread(#9) running is interrupted within the x11
critical section
doing an opengl call. When #28 wants to do an opengl call himself, it
So maybe its #9 which is supposed to be suspended. Can it happen that
the wine server
suspends a thread in a critical section?

How can I get the thread id from that HANDLE?
if i try to run with the +server debug channel enabled
the problem will go away and my log output will be seriously garbled with
half the chars at the beginning of a line missing sometimes.

Another problem will show up though that is when i run a debugger and do
a bt
the app seems to hang showing a message box. Unfortunately I am running in
full screen mode in a virtual desktop and see no possibility to get to
that message box.
It seems to be hidden behind the full screen'd Icewind Dale.
Is that a bug or working as intended?

Any ideas how I could debug this further?

Sorry for the Wall of Text(TM)

Thank you for your assistance

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