How to find out locking problem

wylda at wylda at
Sun Jan 2 10:43:06 CST 2011

Hi Henri,

thank you for analysis, it's first time when i'm trying to help with
this kind of problem...

> From that backtrace, it doesn't look like 001c is
> waiting for a critical section at all.

The truth is, that wine outputs the first line ("...wait timed out
in thread 001c, blocked by 0041...") only once and after that only
the 2nd line repeats every 60sec ("...wait timed out in thread 0045,
blocked by 0044..."). Don't know if that's normal in these cases or
both lines should repeated.

So what should i do now to be more helpful? I think that kernel has
some infrastructure for logging of locks or detecting deadlock or
whatever... Is there an equivalent in wine??

Thanks for support.

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