RFC: include: Add '_ONCE' variants of DPRINTF, FIXME, WARN and ERR

Sven Baars sven.wine at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 17:33:40 CST 2011

Dan Kegel wrote:
> How about this:
> #define WINE_ONCE(x) { static int wine_once_var##__LINE__; if
> (!wine_once_var##__LINE__++) { x; }}
> Example use:
> -    static int once;
> -    if (!once++) FIXME_(keyboard)("(%p,%d,0x%08x,%X):
> stub\n",hwnd,id,modifiers,vk);
> +    WINE_ONCE(FIXME_(keyboard)("(%p,%d,0x%08x,%X):
> stub\n",hwnd,id,modifiers,vk));
Hmm... Yeah... That's also a solution of course. Though it's not as 
elegant :P

But I'm not sure if the ##__LINE__ is really necessary. And the ++ might 
cause an overflow. So this might be better

#define WINE_ONCE(x) { \
     static int wine_once_var; \
     if (!wine_once_var) { \
         wine_once_var = 1; \
         x; }}

and possibly

#ifdef __WINESRC__
#define ONCE(x) WINE_ONCE(x)

And then a char can be used to save space (if that's of any concern). 
And volatile in case the compiler does some weird things (but probably 

Thanks for the idea Dan.


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