Wine and Fontconfig

Yaron Shahrabani sh.yaron at
Mon Jan 3 17:44:44 CST 2011

Elad, an Hebrew user suggests:

In several Wine apps Hebrew is displayed as square glyphs since there are no
builting Hebrew glyphs in Wine's font (bug #23537).

The question is why does Wine use the internal font as the default? The
easier solution would be to use the "system" fonts as configured in
Windows can have a custom font as well so it shouldn't cause and difficulty.
This way we won't have to look for a font editing specialist that will add
glyphs to wine's fonts.
This problem can affect many languages as well, not just Hebrew, that lacks
the required glyphs.
Using the fonts from fontconfig might solve the problem and will lead to a
better integreation. The fonts in Wine apps will look just like the fonts
used by the rest of the apps in the system.

Kind regards,
Yaron Shahrabani

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