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i take the chance to make this info publicaly aware, so adding

> Hi,
> your WyldBot has some Audio/Video issues in it's
> XP machines no other machines have, in which VM do
> they run?

WyldBOT1 and WyldBOT2 are not VM, but true physical older-machines
made only for wine-testing. WyldBOT1 has more OS so little
explanation here:

* WyldBOT1-ie6 was cleanlly installed, patched and never run
wine-test (to avoid broken registry thing by wine-testsuite sometime
ago), than made image of that partition

* for WyldBOT1-ie7, i restored image of WyldBOT1-ie6 and installed
IE7 on top of it

* for WyldBOT1-ie8, i restored image of WyldBOT1-ie6 and installed
IE8 on top of it

* for WyldBOT1 64bit edition i did exactly same installation steps
like in 32bit

* for WyldBOT2 i did exactly same installation steps like in
WyldBOT1-ie6, but runs on different HW box (it's not the same image
like WyldBOT1-ie6, only same installation steps)

So things works that way, that when i power up that machine and boot
into WyldBOT-recovery and then
* recovery takes the first image from second HDD
* changes boot.ini sequence
* reboots and then boots into WyldBOT1-ie6
* WyldBOT1-ie6 waits 120sec to finish all services startup and not
disturb winetest
* downloads the wine test suite from FTP + some testing video file
* it does the winetesting
* changes boot.ini and to boot into Wylbot recovery
* Wylbot recovery takes another image
* and so on and after last image the machine si turned off

This Chrismas time (after 8months) Wylbot was restored just for
windows update and updated images were store again. Once on
wine-devel, i noticed some speculation, that it uses old drivers, so
nvidia drivers got updated too on all WyldBOT1.

I used to run WylBOT 3x per week, but there were no changes or
effort to fix things, so i reduced the WylBOT run to once a week (i
do my best not to miss friday's release, but sometime i run it on
saturday/sunday. Maybe when the relese would be around 17h UTC, i
could make it friday-regular ;)

As WyldBOT2 was unlucky and did not get those fresh updates as his
brother WyldBOT1, i didn't turn it on recently.

WyldBOT1's HW:

MB: Asus P5K-E WiFi AP Bios rev. 1305

Intel Core 2 Quad  Processor Q9550
sSpec Number: SLB8V
CPU SPeed: 2.83GHz
Bus speed: 1333MH z
L2 Cache size: 12MB
Package Type: LGA775
Technology: 45nm

8GB RAM Kingston HyperX DDR2  2x KHX8500D2T1K2/4G (DDR800), CAS:

Nvidia 8600GT latest driver 260.99, latest DirectX June2010 redist
v9.29.1962 (2010-06-07)

Soundcard Asus's onboard (i guess it uses "SoundMAX ADI Audio

Some printers

Wheel wingman formula force gp2

Wheel Microsoft (thurstmaster??)

If interested in details let me know, i can look closer at home.

> Btw: you can use the winetest option "-i" to add a
> description of the machine...

That's a pity, that i didn't have this info one week back, when i
did the image jobs. But maybe it's stored on the FTP in control
file, so won't be a hard job - don't know now.

> Best Regards, André Hentschel

PS1: On Monday i noticed, that other machines have D3Dcompiler_43
installed, but mine's not even if i cleanly installed June's 2010
DirectX. Do you guys use for testing those messy free-dll

PS2: Wylbot2 has Intel Graphic Card and used to have completely
different 2D/3D?? testing-pictures (those red, greens,... flashing
shapes). But i didn't find a time to report the differences.

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