Test timeouts

wylda at volny.cz wylda at volny.cz
Wed Jan 5 07:01:19 CST 2011

> ... It seems that the remaining
> timeouts have a strong
> dependency on the environment. It's possible to
> tweak the environment
> (disable system restore points, for TestBot I
> found it makes a difference
> on which physical disk the virtual disk files are
> located)
> ... some environments can simply take longer than the
> current winetest.exe timeout
> value of 2 minutes.

As there is an activity to make (not only) WylBOT green and happy
;c) i can add more info, based on WyldBOT's install documentation i
looked right now and found there:

* Turn off system restore

So longer time out may not help my BOTs, as it's already turned off
on all of the BOTs and the HW isn't so weak/slow, i guess...


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