New winetricks 20110105: improved download error recovery, added first-run optin dialog. New winetricks 20110105-alpha: menu divided into categories, added 35 games

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jan 5 16:45:51 CST 2011

Another month, another Winetricks - or, rather, two new Winetricks.

New version 20110105 has only two notable changes:

1. it will retry a corrupt download for you (this should get rid of most
cryptic warnings about needing to rename a file and retry),

2. a first run dialog now asks whether you'd like to help winetricks
development by reporting usage stats.  You should only see this
dialog once (and only if you're using the gui, and only if you're using zenity).
This has been very helpful already, as people have been running it
from svn.  Please let me know what you think of it.

Online as always at

Experimental new version 20110105-alpha has a few further changes:
3. The menu is now broken up by category; there's now
a top-level menu which gives you a choice of category
(dll, font, app, or setting).  This ought to make the menu
a little less overwhelming.  Let me know what you think of
the new menu navigation.
4. There's now a progress dialog during downloads in gui mode.
5. It should work better when the user has removed the Z: drive.
6. It's been refactored to make adding new verbs much easier
(you no longer have to edit the script in multiple places to add
a verb, and you can even put verbs in external files).
7. Added 35 games.  (A bunch more remain to be ported from wisotool.)
8. Removed (or, rather, haven't ported yet) a number of less-common verbs.
The statistics gathered by the new version will tell us which of the
remaining verbs to port first.

The experimental version is only at

SVN and bug tracker are online at

Changes in version 20110105:

Dan Kegel:

- remove old synonym dotnet2 for dotnet20
- mpc: remove broken call to append_path
- handle 'winetricks win31 vista' properly
- make dotnet20sp2 warn that it's broken.  Don't list in menu.
- w_download: don't redownload if no expected checksum given.  Also
remove == typo from r2207.
- don't declare checksum error unless, y'know, there was a checsum error
- as favor for etersoft, avoid referring directly to
zenity/kdialog/xmssage to avoid pulling them all in as dependencies
when building a package
- automatically retry download once if cached file has wrong checksum
- ie8: avoid writing to / (just like ie7 fix).  Don't bother running
ie8 when finished; point user to workaround instead.  Also move a verb
that got sandwiched between ie6 and ie7.
- ie7: when / is writable as on macosx, move z: out of the way during
ie7 install to avoid scribbling temporary files in /.  Had to run with
WINEDEBUG=warn+heap to avoid memory bugs in setupapi?
- when reporting usage, also report version.
- in zenity gui case, ask user on first run whether to opt in to usage
- on MacOS X, put cache in /home/dank/Library/Caches
- delete msxml6.dll before running installer.  Fixes bug 211.
- tahoma: don't download to top of cache
- make cabextract quiet

Austin English:

- add win31 verb (needed internally by ole2)

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