Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at vmware.com
Thu Jan 6 08:10:54 CST 2011

From: wylda at volny.cz
> WyldBOT1 and WyldBOT2 are not VM, but true physical older-machines
> made only for wine-testing.

This is great, it's good to have physical machines for testing too.

> I used to run WylBOT 3x per week, but there were no changes or
> effort to fix things, so i reduced the WylBOT run to once a week

Would you be willing to consider some integration with TestBot? It
isn't always immediately clear what the root cause of a failure is,
so sometimes a bit of experimentation is required. Having to
experiment by submitting official patches to wine-patches isn't
an ideal solution. If it were possible to submit patches via TestBot
then I think more people would be interested in fixing failures.

It would require WyldBOT to be available at predictable times (24x7
would be best, but I guess "during the weekend" would work too).
We'd have to find some way to exchange files and start a job on
WyldBOT in a secure way, but that seems doable.


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