wylda at volny.cz wylda at volny.cz
Thu Jan 6 12:12:49 CST 2011

> This is great, it's good to have physical machines
> for testing too.
> > I used to run WyldBOT 3x per week, but there were
> > no changes or effort to fix things, so i reduced
> > the WyldBOT run to once a week.
> > 
> Would you be willing to consider some integration
> with TestBot? It isn't always immediately clear
> what the root cause of a failure is, so sometimes
> a bit of experimentation is required. Having to
> experiment by submitting official patches to
> wine-patches isn't an ideal solution. If it were
> possible to submit patches via TestBot then I
> think more people would be interested in fixing
> failures.

I would like to, as a regression hater :c) but as
i wrote above it running it longer didn't bring
the effect.

> It would require WyldBOT to be available at
> predictable times (24x7 would be best, but I
> guess "during the weekend" would work too).

As i counted the electricity and for WyldBOT1 that
is cca 70Eur/year when run only one day a week
(490Eur for nonstop/year). Ain't killing, but i
shouldn't tell my wife two!! days ago, that we
should reduce the expenses (after checking 12month
bank account stat) ;-)) I immedialtely become
unpopular as politicians... And now i sould keep
that box running ;)

I wouldn't mind about running WyldBOT2, because
that's the laptop, but who cares about Intel
Graphics and 32bit only, right?

Away from my family, back to technical point.
Running 24x7 is definitely wasting, but the only
posible way? As Alexandre said, waiting 5min too
is much, then waiting 5days? So let's say i would
make additional sponsorship for one next month to
see if that really helps in fixing test suite.

The second offer is, that i could make more OS for
WyldBOT1 (legal: Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64bit).

But how would you like to make a physical machine
a test machine. I can imagine, that this is not
problem for VM & parallel run of OS. But the way
it is now, there is Ghost scripted to recover
(reimage) the machine. It takes cca 2mins for
32bit WinXP, 4min for WinXPx64 (bigger image),
15min?? for Win7. And again waiting 5min is too
much, right? 

> We'd have to find some way to exchange files and
> start a job on WyldBOT in a secure way, but that
> seems doable.

I wouldn't mind giving you virtual owner ship ;c)
of that box.


PS: As Henri was also interested, than this sounds
that we should try to overcome every technical
problem and simply try it (at least).

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