Wine for Solaris 10 x86 roadblocks

Ron Whites RCWhites at
Fri Jan 7 12:23:37 CST 2011

I am a newbie to Solaris as well as Wine.  

I downloaded Solaris 10 x86 on 12/6/2010 (how do I know the build/ver?)
and loaded it in a Virtual Machine on my Windows 7 Desktop.


Then recently I have been trying to get Wine om Solaris 10 working so
far with no success.  


I downloaded Swine-sol10-  from

but I have not been able to unpack this by using "p7zip -d
Swine-sol10-" on my solaris.

It returns immediately to the terminal prompt and it apparently does
nothing but gives no error.


So at  I found another

I used bunzip and then tar to get just Wine-1.1.19

I then did "./tools/wineinstall and encountered an error saying I
couldn't/shouldn't install under ROOT

so after making a user account via useradd I did

./tools/wineinstall again.

this time I received a line 149 syntax error

looking on the web I found

A bug report at

That says Don't use 'wineinstall script', do './configure && make
install' instead. 

Solaris10 doesn't have a make pre-installed and I can't find where I can
get one, so I am presently stuck again.


Sure seems a lot of road blocks so far, can anybody offer some
information to get me over the hurdles?




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