Forum/mailing list link broken?

Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Fri Jan 7 12:59:50 CST 2011

First I've heard of this. I'll look into it. The system for linking the 
mailing list to the forum was not written internally. It was a plugin 
for the forum package.

Are only some threads being dropped? I suppose it is possible in that 
case that our spam filtering might be blocking some posts (total wild 


On 01/07/2011 12:36 PM, L. Rahyen wrote:
> On 2011-01-07 (January, Friday) 15:44:39 Rosanne DiMesio wrote:
>> Replies from the mailing list are not showing up on the forum in some
>> cases. A user mentioned it in this thread:
>> I checked the mailing list archives, and there are other threads that have
>> replies from mailing list users that never appeared on the forum.
> 	I have written a PM about this problem to jnewman (the site admin of
> long time ago. I currently only have enough free time to
> delete spam in the forum so I didn't check if this issue was fixed since then.
> I'm really surprised to find out that this problem is not fixed for such a long
> time. Is it really hard to fix or it was forgotten?

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