wiki work, wine64 portability issues

Thomas Heckel thomas.heckel at
Sat Jan 8 09:52:31 CST 2011

Hi all,

I was just cleaning up some "Janitorial" sections on wine wiki. Now
several questions arise:

Just for interest I looked for a kind of wine64 portability guide to
link to the . Are there any
documents with source patterns which have been fixed to get Wine 64-bit

I think some of the listed janitorial tasks are already finished. E.g.
there weren't any commits for 16bit separation for a longer time
(Alexandre?). I don't have any overview if this tasks are really
finished or if there are still some sections remaining?

As a proposal to be discussed for the "wiki people": I would like to
make a category "CategoryAbout" to collect the wiki articles which are
(should) directly linked from the about page on the site.
I think this would be a good first way to solve the still existing
old/duplicated pages between wiki and pages. What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

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