sc2 performance (was: Wine and D3D)

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Jan 10 09:45:36 CST 2011

emaentra at wrote:
>If during my tests I set the affinity of the executable (and
>subsequently all its threads) to a particular core I have to say that
>core gets fully used and FPS are better than general

That's interesting.

what cpu, gpu, and version of wine do you have,
and what is the fps before and after pinning
the game to one cpu?

You should use, say, the fps on launching into
one of the default scenarios without touching anything
so that we can get a reproducible measurement.
Tell us what mouseclicks to use to replicate your measurement.

Or, if you think it's needed, right after launch,
select all units and have
them start moving, and use the lowest fps seen
during those few seconds.

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