Hello, I'm new here

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Thu Jan 13 12:09:49 CST 2011


I'm new in this list and I would help in many things :p .

I haven't much time, but I supose I can do little tasks.

Ehm.. I've decided to collaborate because I have a little idea, but I don't
know if it's really possible or if it's very difficult (i think no, but I
don't know if I'm right).

My idea is to modify the .lnk files of many programs when are installed to
use icons not inside the executables, but more beautiful png images, helping
to integrate the windows applications in the desktop.

An example is the Spotify app, this application have a really small icon
inside its executable, but when this image is used in a dock like Docky
looks really ugly. If wine could make usage of many free (free as freedom)
artwork instead of these icons, then the desktop will look more beautiful.

( I've tried to modify the .lnk files but i cant do it because are binary
files and i cant find documentation about its structure)

Bye , thanks for your atention :) .

- Per la llibertat del coneixement -
- Per la llibertat de la ment...       -
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