Testbot not accepting patch

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at vmware.com
Sat Jan 15 06:45:12 CST 2011

From: Paul Vriens [mailto:paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com]
> On 01/14/2011 11:20 PM, Travis Athougies wrote:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I've been trying to submit this patch to the testbot, and it keeps
> > refusing it with the error "Unrecognized file typea" (that's not a
> > typo, that's the exact error). The testbot has also refused to accept
> > the patch when I sent it in on wine-patches (the error on the patch
> > status page is apply failure). As far as I can tell, the patch looks
> > good, it was generated by git format-patch from the latest git and I
> > did not touch it after that, so it should apply, but it doesn't. Can
> > you look into this?
> That attached patch doesn't contain a test. Could that be it?

Yes, that's indeed the problem. When you submit a file to the bot, one
of the first things it does is try to determine the file type (could be
a patch or a cross-compiled .exe (either 32 or 64 bit)). The regular
expression used to check for patches only recognized changes to files
in .../tests directories, so it never matched for this patch.

I'll grant you that the error message is less than ideal. I've changed
the parsing, if it now recognizes a patch that doesn't make changes to
any tests file it will tell you "Patch doesn't affect tests" (and I've
also fixed the typo in the original error message).

There is no need to submit patches to the bot that only contain changes
to the core Wine code and not to the tests. Since TestBot only runs
tests on Windows, it only cares about the test code and not the core
Wine code.

You'll have to take up the apply failure on the status page with Alexandre.
That message has nothing to do with the bot. Since the patch applied
without problems for me too, it seems you might have caught Alexandre
on a little mistake :-) (don't we all love it when we get confirmation
that he's human?).


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