Fail to use USB-Key/USB-Shield with wine USB patch :cannot start service 'SCardSvr':win error code:0x00000424

Qian Hong fracting at
Sat Jan 15 08:43:05 CST 2011

Dear All,

Thanks to the USB patch ( ) , I have a chance to try
weather there is some way to use my usbkey on my Linux. After applying the
patch and setting follow the wiki , I still fail to use my usbkey.As I know,
the USB patch just work for a few devices, I wonther if my usbkey works too.
If possible , I'd like to help to test everything about the wine USB patch
to make the usbkey works, also I need your help. Thank you very much :)

First of all, let's see something about the usbkey.

My usbkey is also called G&D USB-Shield, it is required by ICBC persional
internet banking while online trading. Unfortunately, ICBC website is
IE-only, ActiveX and VBscript are required.
Here is the login entry:
and the G&D USB-Shield driver for Windows, safesign_icbc_per.exe : ( from
Infact, we don't have to login ICBC for testing the usbkey,because there is
a tool called Token Administration Utility, it allow us manager the usbkey
with a client program. After install the USB-Shield driver, we can see
tokenadmin.exe in "Program Files/ICBCEbankTools/G&D/Management Utility", and
that is the Token Administration Utility.
Here is the screenshot of tokenadmin.exe on Windows XP:
(Sorry for the Chinese in the screenshot, I don't know how to display
English in a Chinese version Windows, if anyone know please tell me,
I will upload a new screenshot , thanks :)

Here is more infomation about the G&B usbkey:
lsusb -v

However, while installing G&B usbkey driver on wine, something is wrong like
cannot start service 'SCardSvr':win error code:0x00000424

Now, here is the whole process:

My enviroment:
Ubuntu 10.10 x86_64;
wine1.3.11 from git;
Applying latest usb patch followed Wine USB wiki;
configure & make & install success, no error;

Step 1:
winetricks-alpha -q mfc42
winetricks-alpha -q crypt32
( mfc42 and native crypt32.dll are required to install safesign_icbc_per.exe

Step 2:
wine 'safesign_icbc_per.exe'
The full log is here :

After this step, we can see the *.sys files:
~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/drivers$ ls
Chip_smc.sys  eps2kt1.sys   mountmgr.sys  usbic2k.sys
Chip_usb.sys  ic2kenum.sys  usbhub.sys

Step 3:
Follow the wiki, copy the regist key-value from Windows XP to WIne:
Here are all the reg files I imported:

Step 4:
wine tokenadmin.exe
It will open a window without  useful information,unlike that in Windows XP
, here is the screenshot:
And here is the log:
wine tokenadmin.exe
fixme:winscard:SCardReleaseStartedEvent stub
fixme:winscard:SCardEstablishContext (2,(nil),(nil),0x32f2f4) stub
fixme:winscard:SCardEstablishContext (2,(nil),(nil),0x659130) stub

I have tryed to remove ~/.wine and copy the scardsvr.exe from Windows to
wine system32 folder,then do all the thing again, but it seems not work,
there is no difference.

Would you tell me what shall i do next ?


Best Wishes!

Qian Hong
Send from Ubuntu
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