Fail to use USB-Key/USB-Shield with wine USB patch :cannot start service 'SCardSvr':win error code:0x00000424

Qian Hong fracting at
Sun Jan 16 05:30:26 CST 2011

Dear all,
After some tests, I founld that scardsvr.exe is very important for
execute tokenadmiin.exe .

When I run tokenadmin.exe in Windows XP, the screenshot is like this:

If I modify the rigist
set the "Start" value as 4, then restart XP, the tokenadmin will not
work, the screenshot is like this one:

If I set the "Start" value from 4 back to 2 then reboot again, then
tokenadmin will work again.
But if I kill  scardsvr.exe in taskmgr, then tokenadmin will not work
at all, here is another screenshot, unlike the first one:

I wonder weather there is some way to get scardsvr.exe work on wine?
Thanks very much!

Best wishes!

Qian Hong
Send from Ubuntu

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