New winetricks 20110117-alpha: new verbs dxdiag, firefox4, ut3, hegemonygold_demo, dxdiagn, pngfilt; new svn repo, download url

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Jan 17 13:33:28 CST 2011

On 01/17/2011 11:30 AM, Dan Kegel wrote:
> New version 20110117-alpha adds the following new verbs:
> firefox4 - beta9 of Firefox's new web browser
> ut3 - the first-person shooter Unreal Tournament 3 (requires dvd)

Isn't that exactly why we marked all other scripts like this a "third party 
unsupported tools"? If you moving the same direction, then winetricks will 
fall into the same category - if you using it, ask Dan, don't bother asking 
people on forum, filing bugs, etc.

I beg to reconsider, from a useful tool to install missing pieces winetricks 
will be yet another automated tool to break Wine.


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