Winetricks game verbs - good or bad? (was: Re: New winetricks 20110117-alpha: new verbs dxdiag, firefox4, ut3, hegemonygold_demo, ...)

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Jan 17 15:23:18 CST 2011

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:31 PM, Vitaliy Margolen
<wine-devel at> wrote:
> On 01/17/2011 01:15 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:
>> What concrete problems do you see with winetricks having
>> verbs for popular games?
> Does it cover Steam'ed versions?
> Different languages?

I'm curious why you ask - would covering (or not covering) Steam or
different languages lead to poor quality bug reports?
I guess you're afraid of people complaining about the tool and not about Wine?

> How about conflicts between setups for different games under one wineprefix?
> Or conflicts with existing installed software under the same wineprefix?
> The only scenario that would be fine with me, if winetricks will allow new
> prefix only for complete software installs. And refuse to install into
> existing one.

The author of PlayOnLinux agrees with you; that's how that tool works.

I do have code for that, but I haven't turned it on yet, since it
raises some UI issues.
I could make it the default for app installs once I iron those out.
- Dan

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