today's git does not compile

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Wed Jan 19 06:41:32 CST 2011

>Try switching from -O2 to -O1 with
>  configure CFLAGS="-g -O1"
>and rebuild.  Does that help?

Yes. That works. 

>Regardless of whether that gets you past the problem,
>please file a bug in launchpad against gcc-4.5.
>Ideally they'd want you to run with -save-temps and give
>them a copy of pen.i.
Here's the bug. 

Dan, I can't work the -save-temps option. All three give me "no input files."
/wine-git$ gcc -save-temps
/wine-git$ gcc -save-temps=cwd (or =obj) 
gcc: no input files

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