Translating a same message used in different contexts

Akihiro Sagawa sagawa.aki at
Wed Jan 19 09:05:31 CST 2011


I'm one of Japanese translators of Wine. A few weeks ago, Wine's string
resources were moved to one po format file. So I started translation
about it. And now I face to a problem which is a same msgid text used in
different contexts, like "Desktop" used in shell32.rc.

One of its contexts is a real path name of a desktop (IDS_DESKTOPDIRECTORY).
That is "C:\Users\foo\Desktop"'s Desktop. In other contexts, it makes a
localized name (IDS_DESKTOP). That is shown in a common dialog box. In
the previous Japanese resource, the former was "Desktop" and the latter
was localized. However, in the po file, they merged into one!

Therefore we need to distinguish above contexts somehow. But I'm afraid
I don't familiar with gettext and wrc. Could someone please resolve this

Akihiro Sagawa

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