Translating a same message used in different contexts

Akihiro Sagawa sagawa.aki at
Fri Jan 21 09:15:32 CST 2011

On Thu, 20 Jan 2011, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> > So otherwise for context issues I believe the outcome of the WineConf 
> > discussion was that we'd insert a prefix in the two strings to 
> > translate, e.g. 'CTX-IDS_DESKTOP:Desktop' and 
> > 'CTX-IDS_DESKTOPDIRECTORY:Desktop', and have wrc remove it when 
> > producing the localized resource files (i.e. detect that the string to 
> > translate starts with 'CTX-' and remove everything until the colon). 
> > That means the English resource must be 'translated' too.
> The prefix is actually #msgctxt#, but yes that's how it works, it's
> already used in a couple of places.

Thank you for your advice. This is what I want to know.

I'll update the PO files with #msgctxt# to distinguish a desktop
directory name from a displyed one. And continue tranlating ja.po file.

Akihiro Sagawa

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