gdi32/tests: Skip font metrics test on non-English systems

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at
Sun Jan 23 10:41:05 CST 2011

From: Dmitry Timoshkov [mailto:dmitry at]
> Greg Geldorp <ggeldorp at> wrote:
> > I can easily imagine fonts for non-Western scripts not adhering to the
> > hard-coded metrics in the test, which is why I thought skipping them on
> > non-English systems might be ok. Of course, if you have an idea how to
> > improve the test I'm all ears, after all the goal is to run as many tests
> > as possible, not skip them.
> Probably adding a separate set of data with FS_ARABIC for Small Fonts could
> help (similar to FS_JISJAPAN ones).

Turns out it isn't quite as easy as adding a separate set of test data, adding
test data doesn't influence whether existing tests are run or what their
expected values are. In other words, after adding FS_ARBIC test data the tests
for FS_LATIN1 still fail.
I've added a skip_lang_id member to the test data to skip some of the tests on
Arabic machines. Not ideal (blacklisting instead of whitelisting), but I guess
it will have to do for now.


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