Correction to crash inside RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() + test case

André Hentschel nerv at
Sun Jan 23 11:54:11 CST 2011

Am 23.01.2011 18:20, schrieb Janne Hakonen:
> Hi,
> This is my first attempt to post patches to Wine and it would be great if you could review these.
> First patch (0001-2-2-ntdll-Added-try-except-blocks-to-RtlCaptureStackBa.txt) is a correction to a crash situation where application crashes if RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() is called and one of the frame pointers of call stack is invalid, pointing usually to 0xffffffff, sometimes to other invalid locations.
> The correction wraps the offending code inside __try � __except blocks so that a resulting access violation is caught before it can crash the calling application.
> Second patch (0002-1-2-ntdll-tests-Added-a-test-for-RtlCaptureStackBackTr.txt) is a test case for the correction.
> It changes one of the frame pointers to invalid value and then calls RtlCaptureStackBackTrace(). The test fails on Wine�s HEAD (without the first patch), but passes successfully on Windows 7. Haven�t tested this on other OSes. I created a new signal.c file for the test case under ntdll/tests since I couldn�t find more fitting place.
> This crash can be reproduced with Anarchy Online game when trying to open an in-game browser. Also reproducible with AwesomiumGL sample application from Awesomium�s SDK. The crash (among other problems) is reported to bugzilla at:
> Best Regards,
> Janne Hakonen

Hi and welcome to wine development!

First i see is that your mail application wrapped the patch ( that is when long likes brake down into the next line ).
Then you have a whitespace issue in the makefile i think...
further you should consider using IsBadReadPtr instead of try...except, but i'm not sure if that would work.

If you solved the issues, you can send the patch to wine-patches at and can track the status at


Best Regards, André Hentschel 

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