Winetricks game verbs - good or bad? (was: Re: New winetricks 20110117-alpha: new verbs dxdiag, firefox4, ut3, hegemonygold_demo, ...)

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sun Jan 23 13:53:10 CST 2011

To pick up where we left of.
On 01/17/2011 02:23 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:31 PM, Vitaliy Margolen
> <wine-devel at>  wrote:
>> On 01/17/2011 01:15 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:
>>> What concrete problems do you see with winetricks having
>>> verbs for popular games?
>> Does it cover Steam'ed versions?
>> Different languages?
> I'm curious why you ask - would covering (or not covering) Steam or
> different languages lead to poor quality bug reports?
> I guess you're afraid of people complaining about the tool and not about Wine?

I'm talking about system being in a different locale. And you trying to 
install an English program. Some installers don't like that. Also number of 
system directory paths would be different. Alternatively what if user wants 
to install not English version of say FireFox?

As far as games go, most steamed versions don't really require an 
installation, steam downloads them and runs re-distributable installers that 
game requires.

I guess where I'm going with it, is how much will winetricks install to 
satisfy each program? And how well this list will correspond to environment?

>> How about conflicts between setups for different games under one wineprefix?
>> Or conflicts with existing installed software under the same wineprefix?
>> The only scenario that would be fine with me, if winetricks will allow new
>> prefix only for complete software installs. And refuse to install into
>> existing one.
> The author of PlayOnLinux agrees with you; that's how that tool works.
> I do have code for that, but I haven't turned it on yet, since it
> raises some UI issues.
> I could make it the default for app installs once I iron those out.

This will be highly beneficial for everyone. User will be able to easily 
remove programs, and you won't need to deal with conflicting requirements. 
Also this will guarantee that default prefix is left untouched.


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