Correction to crash inside RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() + test case

Janne Hakonen joyer83 at
Sun Jan 23 13:56:39 CST 2011

Thanks for quick response!

> First i see is that your mail application wrapped the patch ( that is when 
> long likes brake down into the next line ).
> Then you have a whitespace issue in the makefile i think...
Looks like my mailer (Windows Live Mail) thinks that if attachment has .txt 
extension it is ok to do line wrapping and changing EOLs to CR LF. I 
couldn't find an option to turn this feature off, but sending patches with 
.patch extensions seems to prevent this formatting.

> > I created a new signal.c file for the test case under ntdll/tests since 
> > I couldn’t find more fitting place.
> Not a good idea. Please put the test into rtl.c
Ok, I will do that.

> Please put ok() check inside get_back_trace_with_invalid_frame_pointer().
Hmm, good point, I wonder why I didn't check the result -variable instead...
I will change it as you proposed.

> Please use HeapAlloc/HeapFree. Don't cast void pointers. Here you don't 
> need
> to allocate anything, just use a stack variable.
True, using stack is easier, I don't know why I tried to do it the hard way.

> Also you not checking the return value from RtlCaptureStackBackTrace().
> Please do.
The function returns number of frames it could get. I don't know what kind 
of value should be checked here since RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() is 
implemented only on i386 architecture. The test would fail on other 
architectures like arm, powerpc, x86_64 and sparc.

> Also, please send the test patch by itself through winebot before posting
> and verify that it passes on all flavors of windows.
Ok, I will try it out when I have fixed the test case.

Janne Hakonen

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