new winetricks 20110123: work around bug in wine-1.3.12. new winetricks-alpha 20110123: ditto, plus new verbs cnc3_demo, guildwars, hphbp_demo, nfsshift_demo, sims3, spotify, vc2005trial

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Jan 23 22:37:54 CST 2011

Another week, another winetricks.

This release is mainly to add a workaround for
in wine-1.3.12, which broke winetricks.

winetricks-alpha version 20110123 adds the following new verbs:
cnc3_demo: Command and Conquer 3 demo
guildwars: Guild Wars
hphbp_demo: Harry Potter Half Blood Prince demo
nfsshift_demo: Need For Speed: Shift demo
sims3: The Sims 3
spotify: the popular music service
vc2005trial: Visual C++ 2005 Trial

winetricks version 20110123 adds no new verbs.

Both scripts can be downloaded from at the obvious urls:
(The old download url at still works, too.)

Bug tracker and svn repository are at


Changelog for winetricks-alpha:

Dan Kegel:
Work around wine bug 25838 :-(
Ported verbs hphbp_demo, sims3 from wisotool
Fix mingw PATH (again)
Add example to help for 'list' command
w_download{,_manual}: get rid of need to specify package name.
w_download_manual: open destination folder in desktop for user
python26_comtypes: metadata should be "year", not "date".
Shortened title for psdkwin7 to fit window.

Shannon Vanwagner:
New verb spotify

Phil Blankenship:
Ported verbs cnc3_demo, guildwars, nfsshift_demo, vc2005trial from wisotool.


Changelog for winetricks:

Dan Kegel:
Work around wine bug 25838 :-(

Austin English:
update opensymbol url/sha1sum



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