Juan Lang juan.lang at
Tue Jan 25 12:22:42 CST 2011

Hi Vincent,

> I sent this email on wine-patch but... nothing.
> Am I doing something wrong ?

Sorry, I should have replied earlier.  The patch doesn't appear to fix
anything, so it's unclear where you're going with it.  It'd be better
to send a more complete patch series.

For example,
+static BOOL PCSCLite_loadfunctions(void)
+    return TRUE;
this just adds spam to the console.  Also, why do you return BOOL,
when the return value is never checked?

More nitpicking:
+static void *g_pcscliteHandle = NULL;
The initialization is unnecessary, statics are implicitly initialized to 0.

+            if (g_pcscliteHandle)
+            {
+                wine_dlclose(g_pcscliteHandle, NULL, 0);
+                g_pcscliteHandle = NULL;
The assignment of NULL is unneeded, the process is being unloaded.

+    if (g_pcscliteHandle)
+        return TRUE;        /* already loaded */
+    else
This check is unneeded, the function is only called at process load,
i.e. only once.

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